Metta Charity Walk 2024

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How do you feel when you go for a walk in the countryside? When we are close to nature, it can stimulate the parasympathetic nerves, which makes us feel relaxed and release stress. Hong Kong people lead a busy life. The pressure from school, work and family can easily make us physically and mentally exhausted. Even lead to different emotional problems. This year, the annual "Charity Walk" is a good opportunity to go out with friends and get close to nature, not only to relax but also to participate in Metta's life transformation project!

Date: March 1-21, 2024

Route: Any route of more than 3km or join the Metta Walking Tour

Groups: Individuals or groups (members of the group can complete the self-selected route separately)

Participants complete any route of more than 3km during the event. Take a photo of "The Most Beautiful Scenery in My Eyes" during the walk and send it to us by email or WhatsApp. The photos collected will have the opportunity to be published in Metta newsletter or on our different platforms.

Sign up:

Enquiry: 3480 2962 / whatsapp 6058 6557 /

Metta Walking Tour
Walking Tour organized by the Metta, all are welcome to join (participants will be notified of the arrangement individually)
Date: March 16, 2024 (Saturday)
Time: 3 hours (10:00am to 1:00pm)
Route: Sha Tin Wai Station - Sha Tsz Ku Road - Sha Tin Pass - Tsz Wan Kok